Full Name
Bobbie Gentili
Job Title
Super Genius
The Geeky Bobbin
Speaker Bio
Combining 15 years of experience as a management consultant in tech and digital marketing firms with hands-on learning in her own small business in the quilting industry, Bobbie Gentili loves to help you, her fellow creative business owners, understand how you can easily apply online marketing techniques to scale and grow your business.

As a tech-savvy marketing geek, Bobbie get loads of questions from her fellow creatives about all things social media and content marketing. She loves to share about growing and scaling your creative business on her Geeky Biz list.

Under her brand The Geeky Bobbin, Bob’s quilt patterns feature bold, geometric designs, playing with curves and long strips to give a sense of movement. She finds inspiration in science, nature, and geeky culture. She is passionate about teaching quilters how to level up their skills, so they can rock any quiltmaking challenge.

Facebook: facebook.com/geekybobbin
Instagram: @geekybobbin
Twitter: @geekybobbin
Bobbie Gentili