Trademark Registration Basics - Hands on course
Date & Time
Thursday, June 30, 2022, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Elizabeth Townsend Gard

Curious how filing trademarks can impact your bottom line? The protections afforded under trademark law have created incredible value in intangible assets, with the value of the world’s most valuable brands such as Amazon, Apple and Google each exceeding $100 billion. But what exactly is trademark law, and how is such enormous value created? This course examines the fundamentals of U.S. trademark law and the ways in which the manufacturers of various products and services can establish and protect their identities and the identities of their products in the marketplace. We will explore the purpose of trademark law, identify the different types of trademarks, including names, designs, logos, and trade dress, and explore strategies for choosing and protecting strong, potentially valuable trademarks. We will also discuss strategies for strengthening descriptive marks, and lay out the steps for filing for federal trademark protection. Finally, we will address how to design an ongoing maintenance strategy to protect, extend, and maximize the value of trademarks, and discuss strategies for responding to possible trademark infringement. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN Define the scope and subject matter of trademark protection Evaluate the usefulness and limits of seeking trademark protection Formulate a strategy for creating and protecting a strong trademark Design processes to maintain ownership and control of a trademark and respond to possible infringement

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Digital Aftershow
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Donald E. Stephens Convention Center
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